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MSB Spotlight Interview: Shane Healy

Updated: Nov 29, 2023

The coming weeks will see MSB's former Olympian and current inspirational master's athlete attempt a world record in the M55 category in the Indoor Mile as the athletics maestro seeks yet more glory in a distinguished career to date.

Shane has had an illustrious career in athletics over the years. First discovered by 'accident' for a $50 bet, Shane's talent earned him a place in Adams State University, Colorado. He then went on to be coached by MSB's other Olympian and former MSB president, Eamonn Coghlan. All of this culminated in Shane representing Ireland in the Atlanta Olympics in 1996 in the 1500m.

Yet 27 years on from Atlanta, Shane shows no signs of slowing down. In fact, as he enters a new age category as a M55 masters athlete, Shane has his eyes firmly fixed on the prize of records in his new masters category.

We caught up with Shane, as part of our MSB spotlight interview series, as he prepares for a WR attempt in the coming weeks.

What 3 words describe you?

SH: Maximus Aurielius Healy.

From the 1996 Olympics to your achievements as a master's athlete, what personal attributes do you think has made you such a successful athlete?

SH: Perseverance, determination and a very supportive wife.

What motivates you to keep going at such a high level as a masters athlete?

SH: World Records.

Can you give us a snapshot of a typical training week for you?

SH: 70 miles a week average along with 2 to 3 sessions a week.

In MSB, we have an amazing juvenile section and a crop of young, talented middle-distance junior and senior athletes - what advice would you give a young athlete looking to be successful as a senior athlete?

SH: Key to fast running is to be consistent in your training and to stay injury free and have an unshatterable belief in your own ability.

How do you prepare on the day of a big race?

SH: A few days before race few easy runs, strides, rest. Eat wholesome food and avoid junk food and sleep loads.

What mental approaches do you use in training or races when you need to push through the pain barrier?

SH: When I race I know I've done all the hard prep work. Knowing I can push my body to the extreme and (through the) pain barrier.

How do you manage to stay injury free as a master's athlete when training at such a high level?

SH: I'm a strong believer in failure to plan, plan to fail. I really believe in building a strong mileage base of at least 5 months before doing any track intervals or sessions.

Which current Irish/World athlete inspires you and why?

SH:There are a few Irish athletes that do inspire me Andrew Coscoran, Brian Fay, Ciara Mageean, Katie Taylor, Johnny Sexton as all these athletes are inspirational in their achievements.

In MSB we have grown our masters groups in recent years, what 3 pieces of advice would you give any of our masters athletes competing on the track?

SH: Believe in your own ability. A desire to succeed. And never be bullied into 2nd place!!!!!

More and more people are finding the joy of running as they age but find competition intimidating - how would you make competition more accessible to people of all levels?

SH: Always enjoy running and not to put so much pressure on yourself.

We are so proud of your achievements as a club, what does it mean to you to represent MSB and to wear the MSB vest?

SH: MSB has a wonderful history in Athletics and I feel so so proud to be a part of a great tradition and to carry on competing for MSB in the highest level with pride, conviction and honour.

Finally, we hit Shane up with some quick fire questions to match his speed on the track!

What is your favourite food?

SH: Thai Food

What is your favourite training session?

SH: Quarters, 400s and kms

What is your least favourite training session?

SH: Hill repeats

Strength is vital for masters athletes, what, if any, strength training do you do each week?

SH: Circuit Training twice weekly in the gym.

Recovery tips?

SH: Sleep..nutrition...Games room

Any hidden talents or skills outside of running?

SH: Gardening, classic cars and a animal lover

Personal mantra?

SH: Giddy Up!

Best of luck Shane from all in MSB as you seek to smash a world record!

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